Water Planet

An Umbrella Project at the Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics

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Research Topics: Mantle Dynamics | Volcanism | Surface Deformation | Seafloor Geology | Planets

What is the Water Planet?

Water is tightly linked to planetary dynamics on a variety of timescales, and therefore represents a theme running through the research activities of all the CEED Teams. In particular, water plays an important role in topics as diverse as planetary formation, mantle dynamics, sedimentology, glaciology, biology, and hydrology. Many water-related topics, such as sea level change, link geoscience research with problems of significant public interest.

The "Water Planet" umbrella project aims at exploring and developing these linkages, by facilitating collaborations among the CEED Teams and with other UiO and international researchers . We hope to develop new collaborations and funding sources and to inspire new water-related geoscience research that may become an important part of CEED’s future.

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